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Expand your reach and boost revenue with Emisri

Transform Your Business and Client Communication, One Message at a Time. 

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Why Emisri

Our user-friendly platform empowers you to foster customer growth
and engagement effortlessly.

Fast delivery

We ensure your messages reach its destination within seconds, guaranteeing timely and effective communication.

Personalized content

Tailor your messages to each recipient, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.


We prioritize message security with industry-standard encryption to protect your data and customer information


Enhance Customer Reach and Engagement

Building and boosting your marketing reach and clients’ engagement gets easier with emisri. 

Continuous Improvement

Evolve with comprehensive insights.

Personalized offers

Tailored discounts and recommendations.

Sales Boost

Drive immediate action with promotions.

Loyalty Building:

Engage and inform through updates.


Enable exceptional
customer experience

Automate processes

Send SMS updates for real-time transaction details, orders, payments, and shipping.

Issues Resolutions

10x Faster issue resolution

Enhanced Security

with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Save time and money

Reduce cost, churn rate and grow revenue

Seamless Integrations

Integrate Emisri with your existing systems, automate workflows, and  trigger SMS notifications based on events or user actions. 

Start with as low as N2.20k per SMS


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